CV Writing Tips

about 1 year ago by Mark Tuvey

CV Writing Tips

It may seem unfair for an employer to judge you simply on a piece of paper. But the reality of the recruitment process is that your CV is the first part of your introduction to a new company. It stands to reason then, that it needs to stand out. 

Here, we share with you our top tips on putting together your CV and making a great first impression…

Keep it concise

Recruitment isn’t going to be a hiring manager’s only responsibility – they probably have a day job too, meaning they’re short of time and aren’t likely to read a lengthy CV. Keep it concise and to the point. And only include information that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Even if you have vast experience of a specific area, if it isn’t applicable to the role in question, those reviewing your CV aren’t going to be interested.

Also, if you’ve had numerous roles, it’s not always necessary to go back to the very beginning of your work history. If your more recent experience has greater relevance, then this is what a prospective employer will want to see.

Include a personal statement

Including a personal statement provides you with a great opportunity to get some of your personality across. Use it as the opener to your CV which briefly outlines your strengths, your ambitions and why you would excel in the role above others. 

Consider the language

Use simple language and a positive tone throughout. Consider what makes a great social worker - e.g. empathy, communication, confidentiality, listening skills - and aim to get these across in your CV. 
Avoid clichés such as “I’m a multitasker” or “I enjoy working alone or as part of a team.” These can be real turn-offs for employers and are statements that could apply to anyone. Instead, try thinking about what makes you different. Providing this information in a simple, positive way, is sure to make you stand out from the competition.

Consider the layout

You want your CV to be visually appealing. Don’t cram as much onto it as you can. Instead, aim to leave white space to make it readable. Include sections and headings to break up the text and include the information in a logical order.

Include figures

Including details of your professional achievements is great, but you can add further weight to your CV by adding statistics. Rather than simply describing your successes, back them up, where possible, with numbers which show the total xxx, percentages of  xxxx or increases in xxxx. Doing so will really add impact to your CV. 

Review it

Typos could be enough of a reason for a hiring manager to cast your CV aside. It implies you’re careless, haven’t spent time on your application and aren’t serious about the role.

Check, check again and triple check your CV for spelling or grammatical mistakes. Make use of the automatic spelling and grammar check functions in Microsoft Word, but remember to get someone to review your CV too. It’s well-known that even the most talented writers can become blind to their own errors after working on a document for any length of time. 

Let us help you!

We’re dealing with CVs day in, day out. We know what good looks like and we know what works. More importantly, we know our clients and we know what they’re looking for.  It’s part of our standard service to take your CV from good to great, so make the most of our expertise and book some time in for one of our industry specialists to perfect your CV with you.

If you’d like support with strengthening your CV for your next role, get in touch