5 Benefits of Working in Social Care

11 months ago by Mark Tuvey

5 Benefits of Working in Social Care


Any social work professional will tell you that their career choice comes with challenges. It can be emotional, stressful, the workload heavy and the hours, long and unconventional, But with figures stating1 that more than 36,000 children’s social workers alone were employed in 2017, there are most certainly benefits for those dedicated individuals who choose this rewarding career path. Here are just some of our top reasons why social care is a great sector to work in.


  1. There’s lots of variety

Social work comes with a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. Operating in a variety of settings and situations; from conducting interviews and assessments, to managing support packages; or from updating records, to giving evidence in court - no two days are the same. Social work is therefore anything but dull and allows those in the field to put an expansive array of skills into action daily.


  1. There are developmental opportunities

With so many specialisms in social work, the opportunities to learn are endless. Whether making a sideways move into another specialist area or undertaking management and leadership training for climbing the professional ladder, personal development is not only great for increasing skills and knowledge but demonstrates best practice to employers too. Why not contact an organisation such as the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) for further advice on training?


  1. You build meaningful relationships

Social workers tend to be “people-people” – after all it’s often the reason they followed their chosen path. So, the fact that their role is centred around building relationships is a huge plus for them. From forging strong bonds with colleagues who share their stresses and strains, to creating rapport with those they’re supporting, social workers have more opportunities than most to form powerful connections every day.


  1. You make an impact

The work that social workers do has a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. They get to be a voice for the most vulnerable people in society, encouraging, empowering and motivating whilst challenging stereotypes, injustice and discrimination. It’s the perfect career for those who are passionate about fighting for human rights and who want to make a difference.


  1. It’s really rewarding

Social workers have one of the most rewarding jobs available. They get to witness, first-hand, the changes that their hard work and commitment has made to the situations of the vulnerable people they work with. Whether children, adults or entire families, social workers are able to end their day knowing that they have been responsible for improving lives and making the world a better place.


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